Learning Adventure Preschool

Our programs offer a great introduction to preschool! Our dedicated teachers, permanent aides and families, collaborate to build a unique atmosphere emphasising on social development and learning through exploration and play.

Learning adventure curriculum
  • The approach emphasises on the children’s role in the learning process, rather than rote teaching. This allows children, driven by their own curiosity and desire to learn, to take control of their learning by seeking answers and finding solutions during their learning process.
  • It is based on Problem or Project-based Learning that challenges the children to either work together or on their own to identify, investigate and research or study issues to gain knowledge or develop solutions to the problems, guided by teachers.
  • Such form of Active Learning encourages the children to explore, think, ask questions and share ideas.
  • We recognise that children learn at a different pace.
  • Lessons are structured, as much as possible, according to the children’s learning abilities.
  • Lessons aim to stimulate learning for children who are fast learners while providing support to those who need extended learning time.
  • Adoption of both small and large group learning models to attain differentiated learning outcome.

To help children better master the English and Chinese languages, our preschool designs programmes to inculcate a love for the languages, including:

  • story-telling
  • show & tell
  • speech & drama / role play
  • reading
  • journal writing
  • appreciation of poetry
  • “cheng yu” or proverb stories
  • Many children face difficulties in Mathematics in their primary school years, and as such, a good foundation in Mathematical concepts since young is important.
  • Children will be taught using manipulatives and other resources and methods such as small group differentiated learning, to explore and better understand mathematical concepts.
  • Our numeracy lessons include the acquisition of financial literacy so that the children understand the value of money at an early age and are able to make better financial decisions and carry out simple cash transactions, including buying food and drinks.
  • In line with Learning Adventure Preschool’s mission to produce children who are thinkers, explorers and innovators, the children can expect frequent field trips to learn through play or experiential and adventure learning.
  • Besides leadership and teambuilding games on the fields, the children will be taken to explore various environments, such as parks, beachers or nature reserves to learn more about environmental issues e.g. climate, pollutions etc or even museums to learn more about art and culture.
  • We firmly believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences, beyond the classroom in order to broaden their minds and widen their horizons.